Welcome to the Parliament of Sint Maarten

Through this website you can find information about the Parliament of Sint Maarten, how Parliament functions and which are the parliamentary activities that are taking place.

Admission Members of Parliament 

To be eligible for membership of Parliament, a person must be a resident of Sint Maarten, a Dutch national, have attained the age of eighteen years and whose right to vote has not been taken away. After the results of the election are established by the main voting bureau, the elected Members present their credentials to Parliament. Read more...

Parliament Meetings 

There are different types of meetings: Public meetings, Central Committee meetings, meetings of the Permanent and Ad Hoc Committees. All meetings of Parliament are open to the public unless it is considered necessary, or requested by at least four members, to hold the meeting behind closed doors. Meetings are usually transmitted live via radio, television and internet. Read more...


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Latest News

Py20-21 Public Meeting #16

Agenda Points for this meeting are:

  1. Incoming documents
  2. Ontwerplandsverordening tot wijziging van de Landsverordening Algemene Rekenkamer, de Landsverordening Constitutioneel Hof, de Landsverordening Ombudsman en de Landsverordening Raad van Advies in verband met het verhogen van de leeftijdsgrens van de leden (IS/690/2020-2021 d.d. 24 mei 2021) (ZJ 2020-2021-147)
  3. Ontwerplandsverordening tot vaststelling van de Begroting van het land Sint Maarten voor het dienstjaar 2021 (Landsverordening begroting 2021) (IS/729/2020-2021 d.d. 8 juni 2021) (ZJ 2020-2021-148)