Motion 2: May 8, 2019

Motion 2 – Resolves to have the Minister of Finance immediately engage directly with AirBnB and VRBO in signing a tax collection agreement with country St. Maarten allowing these platforms to collect the accommodations tax or turnover tax on behalf of hosts and remit these to St. Maarten. To ensure that AirBnB and VRBO tax collection agreements are additive. Resolves for the Minister to report back to Parliament with draft tax collection agreements with AirBnB within 30 days. Resolves for the Minister of TEATT and the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau to concurrently  prepare plan for the promotion of P2P hosts once they are tax compliant through the tax collection agreements, as well as to reform licensing and permits for hosts using P2P platforms to rent properties, and to present these plans to Parliament with 60 days. Resolves for the Minister of Finance to have the entire process of the tax collection agreements as outlined in points 1, 2, and 3 completed with 90 days.

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